Defamation / Anti / Defamation


The panel we recall here aroused a good bit of interest at the AAR meetings in Denver in 2001, and has been the subject of considerable conversation since. We are glad to make the panelists' prepared remarks available to a wider audience in this Web format, and at the same time to give the many people who were present a chance to review what they heard.

All of these texts convey what was actually said on November 17. Most were read as written, but three of us—Rajiv Malhotra, Vasudha Narayanan, and myself—spoke from notes. In those cases, we have tried to stick closely to the thoughts we put forward in Denver and have resisted the temptation to editorialize after the fact. One of our number, V. V. Raman, participated actively in planning the panel but was unfortunately unable to attend. Parts of his statement were read in absentia, and you have the full text here. Of course, there was plenty of direct interaction too—both among panelists and in the room as a whole—but we haven't tried to reproduce that here.

We welcome your virtual participation in the discussion!

— Jack Hawley