Headshot for Tiffany Hale


On February 22, 2022, Tiffany Hale, assistant professor of religion, published a book review in the Journal of Law and Religion titled “Reflections on the Power of Relentless Creativity.” In this article, Professor Hale examines Defend the Sacred: Native American Religious Freedom Beyond the First Amendment, written by Michael D. McNally. 
Professor Hale offers a balanced assessment of the book, noting that the work begins by analyzing how the current concept of religious freedom will not help Indigenous people. She expresses concern that Indigenous peoples’ worldviews do not always receive appropriate consideration by scholars who study how religion fits into a legal framework. Hale asserts that Native Americans’ perspectives do not necessarily align with Western concepts of “rights'' and “jurisdiction,” which can prevent the concepts from being put to meaningful use. She argues that despite this, attorneys must continue to fight using the tools at their disposal to defend Indigenous peoples and their sacred sites.